Blog by Fariz Rizaldy

Blog by Fariz Rizaldy

Work, Life, Love, What the fuck I want.

10 February 20195 min read

Tentang Evilfactory

My slow but serious business

9 February 20196 min read

Declarative now is a thing

Does imperative spark joy?

7 February 20196 min read

Ingrid Michaelson - You and I

Let's get rich and give everybody nice stickers and tech them how to code

2 February 20198 min read

Imposter Syndrome

Keep calm, because everything is okay

1 February 20194 min read

Work + Life = Blog

Why I don't separate my blog between work & life?

27 January 20198 min read

Data Structures di JavaScript - Stack & Queue

Should UI Engineer knows about Data Structures?