This page is describing about What is Fariz doing right now? Inspired by Derek Sivers, so you might not need to ask me frequently about that (like wiiih lagi sibuk apa nih sekarang?)


Still loving live in Bandung, Indonesia. I think Bandung still be a good city for Pedestrian. And yeah, I’m remote worker, and usually I do coding in home, Upnormal DU, or Starbucks.


Now I’m working as UI Engineer at Tarsius Research. Engineering User Interface with Rich Web Application principle is so challenging! But in this year I have a plan to start working with enterprise-level just for knowing how “Management” works in Software Engineering field.

Side-project I’m working on

I have so many idea that failed before I start it. Now in my spare time, I’m curating a resources for developer for learning. I have so many domains, and I think is the good ones


I’m busy learning about Functional Programming, Management in Software Engineering, and some soft-skill related about Developer/Programmer. I have no plan to learning/reading “language-specific” or “framework-specific” topics in this year, I think my knowledge about those is enough. Something I should develop is the way I think, abstraction, and some human-related topics in Software Engineering field.


I dont read any physical book. But I do read an ebook on my Kindle for now. I hope integration between Goodreads & my Kindle works, then you can see it here.

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