What the fuck is Fariz doing right now? 1 min read

This page is describing about What is Fariz doing right now? Inspired by Derek Sivers, so you might not need to ask me frequently about that (like wiiih lagi sibuk apa nih sekarang?)


Bandung, West Java. Indonesia.


Working on my own via evilfactory. Still with $0 income, but someday hopefully.


  • Managing people
  • Influencing people
  • Building software & open source business

Anything else

  • Telling people to use their own platform
  • Telling people why (digital) privacy is matters
  • Working for other developers in the form of knowledge sharing
  • Telling people to learn in public
  • On the way become independent developer/maker
  • Reducing caffeine consumption
  • Trying to become morning person
  • Leaving any social media

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