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I don't create any libraries or frameworks, but I do help people working with those. I do write a blog post, creating a demo example, and giving a talk related with my expertise. The names below are people who support my works and considering to buy me a coffee to make me write & share more.

Support me!

If you love my work, you can support me by buying me a "virtual" coffee via Your support is my energy to help me getting more motivated!

I don't use any cryptocurrencies, but if you are using Jenius, my cashtag was $faultable with Fariz Rizaldy as a display name. In case you are only using Paypal, my link is here.

If you prefer to buy me a coffee anonymously, trakteer has that feature. But it makes me can't sleep because I can't stop thinking about who you are. But whatever.

Thank you for spreading the love!

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